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Although membership of the chorus changes from year to year, a core team has provided continuity since we started (One evening the then vicar, Ray Gaston, introduced us as the sacred wing of Gay Abandon; it's not quite accurate, but we liked the name so much that it stuck.) We’re currently singing with just women’s voices, but we always welcome help with the myriad of other jobs that need doing and particularly on the night of a concert. If you'd like to be involved, whether as a singer or as a friend, just drop us an e-mail – or better still come to the concert and talk to any of us about what's involved. You could also try our facebook page, and maybe even click the the ‘like’ button there to make us feel loved!

More reasons to love church choir music

There are hundreds of different genres and types. There is dance music, soul music, emotional music, crap music and many others. But if you really want to feel the soul of music and to realize the beauty of God through it then listen to choral music. There are thousands of church choirs around the world that perform some incredible music and I was happy enough to listen to a few of them. Here is my experience and my thoughts on this incredible sound of the soul.

Although people think that church choirs are slowly dying and that in our future there won't be any church choirs, I believe there will be quite a few. The truth is that the choral art flourishes today. There are so much changes happening around us that many don't realize that. We are going to a change period right now. New and incredible things were invented in the past years and many people just recently got the chance to connect to the world. That is what keeps people busy, but soon everything will slow down a little, we are here to see and witness that. The people will also soon realize that nothing but faith and true love for their God will give them the real satisfaction in live. Many are just realizing it and even more are yet to come and realize that.

Beautiful church choirs

I have visited the Cathedral Church of St. Paul in Detroit many times. A few friends of mine live there and I have family also living there. So when I visit them, I do not miss the chance to go to this church and enjoy their choir singing. Especially during Christmas, they perform amazing music and there is something floating in the air that I cannot describe, but it gives me hope and makes me somehow happy.

The Temple Church in London is one of the most interesting and significant places on the earth. The architecture and amount of beauty on the walls, windows and around the church are enormous and beautiful. They have a huge choir that sings the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I visit it every time I go near London and I have met there some interesting and incredible people that experienced the love of God right there. Many people who want to change their life and their way of living, go there to find a way to change that.

Once I spent there an afternoon with my friend. A girl came nervously to us and asked us if we knew where the priest is. We told her he will be there in a few hours, so she sat down close to us to wait for him. She seemed upset so I asked if everything is ok. She told us she was working for years and she realized she doesn't want a life like that anymore. She was nervous because she thought that God would not forgive her. We told her He would if she changes her life. I always love to remember how she became happy the very same moment she heard that. A few months later a saw her singing in the Temple Church's choir, she was much more happy than before.

Lack of vitamins results in hair loss

A woman's hair is her crown, that's what most people say. The reason behind this is that your hair is the first thing people notice and it's your responsibility to maintain its shiny, manageable state. But the truth is, not everyone has the same beautiful hair you see from hair models, commercials and advertisements.

What if your hair is damaged from the use of chemically formulated hair products or when you were born with fragile, thin and falling hair? Well, the best way to solve this problem is through the use of a hair serum, Profollica. What's so special about it?

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According to the US National Library of Medicine, the amount of hair loss a person experience is 100 a day, but there are some cases when as you get older, you experience more hair fall due to certain complications. These complications could be the misuse of hair products, heat damage, hair coloring, or just simply cause by genetics!

What would be the best solution for hair loss? And how can you maintain your strong manageable hair? Is it even possible to recover your beautiful hair? These are most questions people ask in hair salons.

Steps to eliminate hair loss

The most important factor people overlook is the food you eat. Unhealthy meals can be one of the reasons you experience hair loss. Excessive intake of fast food meals and chocolates can make your hair react negatively. Why?

The reason behind this is the lack of vitamins in these kinds of food. Your hair needs a certain amount of vitamin D to get that shiny glow, with minimal hair falls. It's better to eat fruits and vegetables that also have vitamin A and B3. Through this, your hair changes its thickness and growth but we can't always consume these every day.

The option that's best in this situation is to take Profollica; this will aid your hair to have that second layer of protection from heat and damage. With consistent use, you'll never experience hair loss again!