Most beautiful hymns and spiritual songs

It is always a pleasure to spend time in a church on Sundays and listen to beautiful choral music. Their hymns and spiritual songs can really move my heart and bring tears to my eyes. I also enjoy to go there on Christmas eve to listen to the beautiful songs they sing there. It is always a pleasure to do that with my family.

One of the oldest and most famous ones is Amazing Grace, for sure. John Newton from England is the mastermind behind this song. It was originally written in 1779 and it moves hearts and brings happy tears to eyes of millions of people all around the world, every year. Everyone who made a change to better after becoming religious and after starting to listen to God's Word can't hold the tears while listening to the sweet words of this song. To listen a choir sing that song is a real experience.

How Great Thou Art by Carl Gustav Boberg who wrote it in year 1885 is also a beautiful spiritual song. It is not the one you will usually cry to or feel too much emotional, but you will feel God's size and His power. It praises Lord through the notes and I love it every time I hear a choir sing it.

The next spiritual song is written in the Atlantic Ocean in year 1873. It compares life to a sea that is sometimes still and quiet, but sometimes really rough. The song is called It is Well and it's written by Horacio Spafford. One song from this list is about Jesus. Jesus Paid it All is a beautiful song about Jesus' pain and the price he paid for us. It is really emotional and beautiful. If you have never, then listen to it, you will like it for sure.