Why contact us

I have a hard life behind me. I had quite a few losses in the past years and it really shaped my life and made me become who I am today. My name is Maria and my life has changed drastically over the last year. I had a job that was not something God would want me to do and I sinned a lot during my life, but then I found myself in a church. I was never in a church before so I did not know what to do. After a few minutes a priest came to me and asked me if I had anything to say to him. I said yes and he gave me an opportunity to do a confession. That is when I told him everything and he said he could help me.

The choir changed my life

He offered me to join their choir and a job in their library, because I had a degree in literature. I accepted it and started practicing and learning all those beautiful hymns and spiritual song. They had so much emotions and mixed feeling that they made me cry quite often. Soon I got a chance to sing in front of people with my colleagues from the choir. I saw many people crying while listening to us. It made me work even harder but I never stopped enjoying it.

Today I am a new person with a passion - the church choir and singing, and a beautiful job among all those books filled with strong words and thoughts. God really gave me a second chance and I am so happy that I took it. I could not be happier and my life has never made more sense to me than today. I recommend everyone to join a church choir, it will change your life to better, I promise.

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